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A Comprehensive MLSP Review


In this MLPS review I am going to tell you what MLSP is, what MLSP is not and the pros and cons that I have found in it. If you are receiving emails that talk about MLSP or your friend, family member or co-worker, who is affiliated with an MLM Company, raved about MLSP and you are dying to know what the heck it is, you are going to be glad that you reached this page.


What is MLSP?

Lets begin this mlsp review with the most common question. What is MLSP? Short for My Lead System Pro, formerly MLM Lead System Pro, is a system that helps you capture leads, hence the name. However, it is much, much more than a simple lead generation system.

MLSP is a lead generation system, it is a sales funnel, it also is a huge support community with mentors who are making 6 and 7 figures, and it is the biggest MLM training center that I have found online, with over 200 video webinar in their archives and a new live webinar every single week (on Wednesdays).




What MLPS is not?

To be truthful to all the readers who are looking for a real MLSP review, MLSP is NOT the magic solution to all your problems. MLSP is not going to do anything for you if you don’t take action.  My Lead System Pro is definitely going to help you reach your goals if, and only if you put some time in it and you learn how to work it. It is not a 24 hour gold machine.

If you are brand new to Network Marketing, you are going to have to trust the system and follow the steps in the beginning, until you understand what goes on behind the scenes. Which was a huge problem for me since I don’t like following anything without understanding why. It took me a couple of weeks of looking at their tutorials and archives to begin to understand it’s true power.

If you follow their step you are going to start getting leads almost immediately but unless you are proactive and look at their training material, you may not have enough knowledge to 1. know what to do with them, 2. understand how to increase or decrease this flow.

Again, I want this mlsp review to be truthful. MLSP is great if you learn how to work it. However, if you are looking for a plug and play affiliate program, this is not it!




What are the pros and cons of MLSP?

A month before writing this MLSP review I had my account on parking status. What is parking? It is a very discounted type of membership where you pretty much stop any active processes of the system but you still have access to all the information, including all the training material.

This brings me to the Pros:

  • There are 200+ training videos in their library. In them there is everything you will ever need to know about Internet Marketing. For that alone, MLSP could charge thousands of dollars. Believe me, if you are still undecided, pay the $29.97 intro fee and look at it yourself. You will not be disappointed. Take your time to learn whatever you want to learn, if you need to, you can park your account and when you feel ready, make your account active.
  • Another huge component of MLSP is that they create the capture pages for you. If you are like me when I started, I didn’t even know what a capture page was, let alone know how to create one.
  • After the lead has been generated, the system automatically puts him/her through a sales funnel, which not only gives the lead time to think, learn, and get to know you, but it also starts giving you some very needed cashflow.
  • Huge and Active Support Community. There is nothing worse than starting in this industry without friends or people to talk to. If you are here you probably already know that not even your best friend is going to be supportive of your multilevel endeavors, mainly because you already tried to recruit him and he told you “is that a pyramid? it sound like a scam to me”.

I thought of writing this MLSP review around the time when Google changed their algorithm to give less importance to content farms. The thing is that I had just started following an strategy that I learned in the back office of MLSP, which focused on building backlinks to articles in one of such sites.

Here are the Cons:

  • While MLSP is full of super effective strategies that improve your traffic and conversion rates, it does not guarantee that you are not going to have to revamp certain structures to meet current circumstances.
  • MLSP is a bit costly, even though their $99 sticker is a bargain for what they offer, for someone who is just starting it may certainly seem like a burden. However, the first month is only $29 which is more than affordable and most people manage to make enough money within the first month to pay for the investment.
  • To fully take advantage of MLSP you have to put in some time. And I really mean this. I have been a member of MLSP for around a year and I still do not know everything that there is to know about the system. However, for the longest, before I found My Lead System Pro, I was not able to generate one single lead and I am NOT the type of person that is willing to go door to door or approach strangers in public places, like my upline told me to do.

MLSP has been the one tool that has provided me with not only the resources, but the training and the support to become successful in this industry.

If you want to give MLSP a try but you are still undecided go for the free ride and taste a little bit of what is inside. Just enter your  name and email address below and you will experience first hand what this funnel is all about.

If you are ready to join though,  click here Join NOW!!

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Erik February 18, 2013 at 11:21 pm

Do most people that join generate enough money to pay for there future monthly fees.


ben April 9, 2013 at 3:43 am

im excited to see how it works, and to see how I will get leads. I want to start a few businesses and just didn’t no how to.


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